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Banner Ad Specifications & Guidelines

Ad Products & Dimensions



Top Banner New - 600x105 pixels - Maximum 100 Kilobytes

Large Side Banner - 180 x 450 pixels - Maximum 100 Kilobytes (Zone id 14)

Large Side Banner Bottom - 180 x 450 pixels - Maximum 100 Kilobytes (Zone id 121)

Side Square Banner - 180 x 180 pixels - Maximum 50 Kilobytes (Zone id 5)

Side Square Banner Bottom - 180 x 180 pixels - Maximum 50 Kilobytes (Zone id 107)

Side Banner Left - 120 x 60 pixels - Maximum 50 Kilobytes (Zone id 122)

Side Banner Left Big - 165 x 260 pixels - Maximum 100 Kilobytes (Zone id 185)

Category Banner Ad - IAB Rectangle (180 x 150 pixels) - Maximum 50 Kilobytes

Splash Screen Ad - 650 x 400 pixels - Maximum 60 Kilobytes 

User Login Page Banner- IAB Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 pixels) - Maximum 80 Kilobytes  (Zone id 25)

All banner ads must be standard 72dpi

* NOTE: No ads allowed on basic login/register/ecommerce pages.


Newsletter Side Banner - IAB Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels) (Zone id 47) - Maximum 60 Kilobytes

Newsletter Category Banner -  IAB Rectangle (180 x 150 pixels) - Maximum 50 Kilobytes

File format: only GIF, and JPG.

All banner ads must be standard 72dpi.

* NOTE: Flash is not allowed in the newsletter as it is not supported by email clients.


How often should I change my ad?

You should change your ad at least monthly, weekly is better even just small changes are ok to catch peoples attention and keep things fresh. We can schedule multiple ads you can run on different days so if your business has a different special on monday than tuesday we can handle that.

Due to the size restrictions on banner ads limit for banner ads you should limit your ad to show just one idea we can have multiple ads running at the same time advertising multiple ideas.

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