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Know the Basics When Dealing with Bad Taxi Service

Taxis in Shenzhen are one of the most common forms of transportation in this busy city. They are classified in to three different groups. The red taxis operate in almost any location in Shenzhen. The yellow taxis only operate inside the Special Economic Zone, and the green taxis operate outside the Special Economic Zone. With rush hours and heavy traffic, dealing with bad taxi service without the hassle is possible of you keep calm and follow these tips in bad taxi services.

We are all aware of the price hikes in gasoline and transportation fare. The hardest part about dealing with all these crises is poor transportation services, including bad taxi services. It is very important that you know how to distinguish real money from fake money in Shenzhen. You have to pay attention to the money that is being handed to you by the taxi driver, especially if you have a large amount of change from your taxi fare. Also, there are taxi drivers who refuse to start the meter, and ask for a fixed rate instead. If this is the case, get out of that taxi and take another one.

Another important thing to remember is to ask for the invoice. It should be printed automatically when you have reached your destination, and the driver puts up the ‘available’ sign up again. The invoice is very important as it contains the necessary information like the name of the taxi ID number, fare identity number, the taxi’s company address, and contact number. With this information, you can report any anomalies regarding your taxi fare, or any unruly behavior of the driver towards you or other passengers with you.

If, in some cases the driver will not hand you the receipt, you may want to take a photo of his ID on the dashboard, or write down the taxi number and company name. Always be reminded that your safety is important. If the taxi driver is a reckless and rude, or even puts you in any kind of danger, never hesitate to report it. If you get ripped off, or get handed fake money, you can report these kinds of incidents to the concerned authority like the police, and the company of that taxi. Any kind of bad taxi services should be reported. The only ones who will abolish this kind of abuse or poor service is you, the customer. The more reports and complaints are filed, the better results and actions taken.

Photo from Shenzhen Taxi Net.

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