Exploring the Nightlife in Shenzhen

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After a day of roaming around museums and famous cultural scenic spots, what else is there to see in Shenzhen right after the sun sets? You would be delighted to see Shenzhen as the night breaks in. The sparkle of bright lights dominates the busy streets and the sound contemporary music fills the air. Partying is at its best when spending nightlife in Shenzhen.

Take for example Suzy’s Lounge Bar, located just a few short steps from one of the major hotels in the City and in the scenic coastal district of Nangshan. This night hot spot starts serving drinks from as early as five in the afternoon up to as late as the wee hours of the next day.

If the retro-chic interiors of Suzy’s is not your type, then have a blast trying to choose from the myriad of bars and clubs that will truly make your nights in Shenzhen something worth coming back for. On the famous area of Sea World Square in the District of Shekou in Shenzhen, you have the eclectic mix of American and Thai servings of The Terrace or the over trendy The French Kiss Club. Have a fun-filled night wherein you feel like you have travelled the world without leaving the vicinity of Shenzhen.

Another famous street with lots of bars and clubs opening its doors to tourist for a really amazing nightlife experience in Shenzhen is Huaqiao City. Among its members of hottest spots is the Lao Dou Bar, which adds a very unique twist to what we know about bars. They have added an area wherein guests can sample fine wines which is very unusual for a night spot. They are open from about a half hour past six in the evening and will not stop serving until two in the morning the next day. Another chic spot that has similar operating hours is the Base Bar, which caters to the younger crowd or those with a penchant for rock music. Its interior design jives with the music as it is predominantly in reds and blacks.

Now, can you still say that Shenzhen at night primarily consists of already dozing off tourists? Or do you now believe that the streets are filled with partying guests who are truly fun-loving? See for yourself and dine in the best night spot you desire. One fun thing that you can do is to hop from one bar to another. Not only can you enjoy awesome drinks but also, you get the chance to build new acquaintances. And that is what partying is all about.

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