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China Lodge (Grand Hyatt Shenzhen)

China Lodge (Grand Hyatt Shenzhen)

China Lodge offers traditional Cantonese cuisine where guests can enjoy an exclusive dining experience in a choice of 14 luxurious private dining suites on the 35th & 36th floors of the hotel. With spectacular views of Shenzhen’s skyline or Hong Kong’s mountain scenery, dining suites can accommodate groups of 4 to 20 people. Tailored menus offering the freshest seasonal ingredients include selected delicacies from around the world prepared in Cantonese style.

Whether guests want to enjoy an elegant business lunch or a relaxing gathering with friends, China Lodge will surely provide a unique and pleasant dining experience.


Chef’s “Kung Fu Soup” - Premium ingredients including fresh abalone, brighteye fish and goji berries are double-boiled with hilltop mineral water for four hours in a Chinese clay teapot. The soup is further customised by adding energising sea horse for gentlemen, or collagen-rich fish maw for ladies.

Roasted Pork Ribs - A perfect cut of free-range black pork with balanced marbling, the rack of ribs is slow-roasted for three hours and basted with the chef’s secret marinade. The tasty, tender ribs are served with a generous topping of stir-fried garlic, celery and mixed peppers.


Lunch: 11:30AM - 2:00PM

Dinner: 6:00PM - 10:00PM

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
主席楼共设有14间可容纳4至20人的精致包房,坐拥深圳城中空际景致,或是对面香港山景为宾客提供私密用餐体验。厨师巧手运用来自世界各地的新鲜食材,发挥粤菜烹煮精髓,为宾客量身定制各款佳肴。 无论是举行小型的商务宴请,或是与朋友家人休闲团聚,主席楼都将为您提供独特难忘的用餐体验。 位置:35和36层 特色: 主厨功夫汤 - 采用精选鲜鲍鱼、明目鱼、枸杞等,配与高山矿泉水,在中式茶壶中精心炖制四小时而成。此汤最大的亮点是根据食材进补的功效不同,分为男汤和女汤两款,男汤用海马、女汤用花胶,以达到强体温肾、滋阴养颜的最佳效果。 拆骨风沙过桥肋排 - 取肉质鲜美的黑毛猪肋排上最优质的三段,肥瘦适宜,采用主厨秘制酱料腌制后,用吊炉慢慢熏烤三小时而熟,精心摆盘至雕琢的木石板架,点缀着爆香的蒜片、西芹及辣椒,色、香、味一应俱全。 午餐:上午11:30 至 下午2:00 晚餐:下午6:00 至 晚上10:00

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
35th&36th floor, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Baoan Nan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen
深圳市罗湖区宝安南路1881号深圳君悦酒店, 35&36层
Place Phone: 
+86 755 2218 7338

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